Fraser Valley Nearby Cities: Mission

Mission Attractions

Carving at Hatzlc Rock Carving at Hatzic Rock
Lougheed Hwy. five min-utes east of Mission.
Includes the oldest dwelling yet found in B.C. The Hatzic Rock (Xa:tem) site, which includes a large boulder left by glaciers centuries ago, is situated on 18 acres on what was once the bank of the Fraser River. The site depicts the Sto:Io story of three chiefs who challenged the Creator and were turned into stone. In 1991 as land around the boulder was being cleared for housing, a local archaeologist discovered thousands of arti-facts, including pebble tools and flakes associated with the Fraser Valley 6,000 to 3,000 years ago. Further excavation and car-bon dating has put the site at nearly 9,000 years old, and ithe site was acquired by the provincial gov-ernment. The Xa:tem Longhouse interpre-tive centre was erected three years ago as the community and the Sto:lo people work to-gether to preserve the site as a spiritual site and a window on an aboriginal culture. Admission fee.BR>

Mission Info
Inch Creek Fish Hatchery
Box 61, Dewdney, B.C. V0M 1H0
604-826-0244 Fax: 604-826-1446
Hatchery staff are always happy to show visitors through the facility. Of particular interest are the Canadian-spawned sturgeon. Several adult sturgeon measuring up to 7-1/2 feet long can be seen swimming in a semi-natural environment. Hours: 9 am to 3pm 7 days a week. Admission Free. Groups require reservations. Bell Rd in Dewdney; 826-026

Kilby Historic Store and Farm
Just off Lougheed Hwy. east of the Harrison River
The old general store has been restored to its 1920s heyday. Outbuildings show farm life.
Hours: 10 a.m. to 5p.m. all year round. Admission fee.

Mission Museum
33201 Second Avenue, Mission
604-826-1011, Fax: 604-826-1017
The museum features "Rails, Robbers and Rivers," with information about the Canadian Pacific Railway, Bill Miner, and the Fraser River. Exhibits focus on the Sto:lo First Nation, Mission's Chinatown, the Great Land Sale, farming, pioneering and forestry. The 1907 building was a prefabricated structure for the Bank of Commerce by BC Mill's Company. Open Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1 to 4 pm, Wednesdays, 11 am to 4 pm. Group tours are welcome by appointment.

Norma Kenney House
Fraser River Heritage Park.
A small collection of woodworking tools and artifacts from the original Grotto and native residential school. Hours: Daytime during summer; posted hours other seasons. Admission Free.

Restored Grotto
Heritage Park
After an absence of more than 30 years a grotto stands sentenel over the Fraser Valley and it will be the focus of a pilgrimage this summer. The annual pilgrimage tothesite of the Grotto of Our Lady of Lourdes in Heritage Park dates back to 1892 when missionaries from the Oblates of mary Immaculate constructed the six-sided building. Revived in the late 1980s by St. Joseph's Catholic church as many as 1,100 people are expected mid-August.

Ruskin Spawning Channel
East side of the Stave River, access of Hayward St.
Immediately below the Ruskin Dam, a spawning channel provides fertile gravel for returning salmon each fall. A small picnic area overlooks the channel and a bridge lets you watch the salmon. Hours: Dawn to disk, Admission free

Trout Creek Farm
31474 Townshipline Ave
Trout Creek Farm boasts two deep ponds stocked with 12-14" trout. Rod, bait and fish cleaning are free - you pay by the inch. There is also a picnic/playground area.Hours: 9am to dusk, daily March 1-October 31. Admission fee.

Wagon World Museum
35717 Lougheed Hwy., just east of Shook Rd. Look for large red bails atop brick gate posts.
Laszlo Tamas has crafted exact replicas of many dif-ferent wagons and buildings in a barn on his farm. In-cludes a history of wheeled transportation, and photos of full-size wagons and coaches he has built.
Where: Hours: Daytime. Admission by donation.

View Of Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbey
just east of downtown Mission
The Benedictine Monastery at Westminster Abbey has a private archives of religious documents and ancient books. Westminster Abbey, built in 1982. The church is 162 feet long by 110 feet wide at the transepts and contains 64 stained-glass windows. The rainbow-coloured 1.5 inch thick pieces of glass make up windows that stand 22 feet high around the perimeter of the church. A dome of coloured glass rises 60 feet above the altar. In the early days of Mission, the Monks here have carved out an almost self-sufficient lifestyle - raising cows, chickens and pigs as well as tending crops. Visits to their Benedictine monastery are welcome each Sunday from 2pm - 4pm and weekdays from 1:30 pm - 4 pm. Mass is sung at 10 am on Sunday and 6:30 am weekdays.

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